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Maquette fire sale! Fire not included!

Dant Rambo

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As some of you may know, we spent last week celebrating the one-year anniversary of Runner2, as well as the fact that it's officially sold over one-million units. I'm not at liberty to discuss all of the ways we celebrated (I made a promise to the lawyer), but rest assured a fun time was had by all. We had some beers, ate some delicious food, and put Runner2 on sale on every platform under the sun.

But just because the celebration has come to an end doesn't mean we have to stop celebrating (that makes sense, right?)! As one final celebration of how far our little game has come, we're selling our CommanderVideo maquettes for only $5.99!

Before you hop out of your chair and run to the nearest, there's something we'd really like to stress to you. Some of these maquettes have been known to bend at the knees when taken out of their packaging, which is why we strongly, strongly recommend you keep them in the box. On the plus side, it's a pretty rad box!

If you have no idea what a maquette is, have a look:

Pretty awesome, no? PURCHASE THEM NOW:

CommanderVideo: Akimbo Pose

CommanderVideo: Ready Go Pose

The sale will last a few weeks, and once it ends, there's no telling how easy (or difficult, to be more accurate) it will be to get one of these! They're a collector's item!


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