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Miiverse Challenge Draw: Hot Date Edition

Dant Rambo

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For this week's CHALLENGE DRAW, we asked the Miiverse community to draw a picture of CommanderVideo and CommandgirlVideo on a date. It was a pretty open-ended concept, and as such people took a lot of different (and awesome) approaches to it. However, after much deliberation, we ultimately decided to go with Luv's entry:

Pretty cool, no? And as for everyone else, you did an amazing job! There's not a single bad one in the bunch, I'd say.

CHALLENGE DRAW is a weekly event, so tune in next Wednesday for another installment! There are no prizes for winning, but we hope that the fun you have while drawing is a reward in and of itself.



Submitted by SebastianSchuppe on Mon, 01/08/2018 - 2:59am

I missed the contest this week and so did my friends. We work for a rushmyessays and enjoy getting involved in such contests. The fact that we play a lot of games and paint makes it more interesting.