The Ultimate BIT.TRIP Experience

Alex Neuse

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If you want to have the ultimate extreme magnificent extra-best BIT.TRIP experience, then COMPLETE is for YOU!

Check out the new BIT.TRIP COMPLETE game page for links to all the places you can exchange money for this amazing piece of video game sweetness!

Also, don't forget that all the BIT.TRIP Soundtracks featured in COMPLETE are also for sale!

You can buy them via...

Have fun and don't forget to look for debris before using the emergency exit!


Submitted by IvanPeterman on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 2:08am

The BIT.TRIP is always giving many features for the users. I have downloaded the iTunes app at So, I will use this app to buy the soundtracks. The iTunes give the best quality tracks to the users.