The newest puzzle game addiction has arrived.

Bloktonik challenges your sense of gravity and keeps you on your toes as Bloks fall in toward the center from 4 different directions.

Match up colors and discover secret bonuses to skyrocket your score!

Collect special power-up bombs to detonate your way out of tough situations! 

Rack up massive points with combos and boast your insane scores on Game Center!

Featuring the musical stylings of chiptune mastermind Bit Shifter, and the smooth, deep house beats of renowned UK DJ, Jimpster!

But that's not all...

  • Achievements and high scores with Game Center!
  • Smooth and simple swipe controls!
  • Many types of secret bonuses to discover!
  • 4 difficulty levels for newcomers to veterans!
  • Unlock the exclusive “Insane Mode” to test your expertise!


RELEASE DATES: iOS - Jul 15, 2011


4/5 Stars - "Bloktonik manages to implement a lot of innovative new features that can keep you playing for hours." -

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Alex Neuse

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 10:40am

Tags: Bloktonik, Robotube, iPad

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Bloktonik Screenshot
Bloktonik Screenshot
Bloktonik Screenshot