Go! Go! CommanderVideo

CommanderVideo™ of BIT.TRIP™ and Runner2 fame returns, and he'll do whatever it takes to get to the castle!

Compete with your GameCenter friends and pass their flags to rack up the BitLengths, and collect gold bars along the way to unlock new accessories and secret characters! 

Go! Go! CommanderVideo is a tough-as-nails single-tap runner where all you need to do is jump to survive... can you get to the castle?!

  • CommanderVideo™ returns in this bite-sized auto-runner for quick play sessions!
  • Collect Gold and unlock wacky accessories and new friends!
  • Free to play, no in-app purchases!
  • Super fast, super hard...pass your friends' flag markers along the way and RUB IT IN THEIR FACES!
  • Single-tap mayhem! All you need to do is jump to keep CommanderVideo going!
  • Tweet your high score! Rub it in your friends' faces!

Featuring chiptune style music from the incredible Disasterpeace 

Download Go! Go! CommanderVideo