Remember what it means to be a human in this interactive biography of a dead astronaut found in deep space by future intelligences who have no concept of humankind.

With technology far beyond human comprehension, the discoverers of the astronaut use lasers to build physical replicas of the astronaut’s long-dead memories in hopes to understand what this strange creature was and why they are floating through space alone.

By controlling dual lasers with both analog sticks, players will:

•Collect Memory molecules scattered around the mysterious space ship

•Harmonize the Astronaut’s memories within the Astronaut’s metaphysical plane

•Warp back to reality through the Astronaut’s subconscious, avoiding mental blocks along the way

•Energize the Astronaut’s dead body so it can create physical manifestations of its memories

Laserlife is meant to be played in one sitting, so turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and get lost in this existential adventure about what it means to be a human.


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Internet, meet Laserlife

Dant Rambo

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 3:28pm

As some of you may recall, we first announced Laserlife back in late 2010. The BIT.TRIP series was coming to a close right around then, and we were starting to put some serious thought into what we wanted to do next. Laserlife felt like a logical followup to our previous work, and for a time we were actually pretty certain we were going to go full speed ahead with it. Unfortunately, due to a few different factors, we ultimately had to shelve it. C’est la vie.

Although Runner2 occupied the lion’s share of our time after that, we still found ourselves working on Laserlife whenever we had a little downtime. It was clear that we were too passionate about the project to simply let it go, but it was also clear that we didn’t have nearly enough time or employees to work on it in earnest. If I hadn't ended the first paragraph with "c'est la vie," I would have ended this paragraph with it. My mistake.

It wasn’t until a few months back that an opportunity arose to revive the project. We had the right people, we had the drive, and we had a keg filled with beer. The stars had finally aligned, and we weren't going to let this chance pass us by. We immediately picked up where we left off, and got to work on making the best game we possibly could.

Now, it's possible this is your first time hearing about Laserlife, which would mean that nothing I've said so far means a thing to you. For that, I apologize. If it's any consolation, allow me to offer you a brief description of the game:

Laserlife is an exploration game with high-concept science fiction themes focused on the idea that human life is much more than the sum of its physical parts.

Somewhere in the cosmos, a mysterious skeletal artifact has been discovered and in order to determine its origins and essence, molecular reconstruction of its memories has been initiated by an unknown presence.

Discover the experiences of a human life in this story of first contact, anchored in reality by collecting memory molecules, merging the molecules to build memories, then energizing the astronaut with the completed memories to rebuild its past.

That’s a broad, thematic overview of what we’re going for with Laserlife. It’s a trippy metaphysical game set in the backdrop of space, where players explore environments and piece together the history of a deceased space explorer. It’s going to be—if you’ll allow the colloquialism—psychedelic. It's also going to have amazing gameplay and gorgeous visuals. Cross my heart.

If you’re still starved for details, I can’t say I blame you. We haven’t released a ton of info about the game just yet, and won’t be going into too many specifics regarding things like platforms, release dates, and gameplay until later. In the meantime, however, I can tell you that the game will definitely be making its way to Steam. If you’re interested in seeing it on other platforms, be sure to let us know! We’re listening: