lilt line

lilt line

Lilt line is an award winning rhythm racing game with a dubstep soundtrack and a visual aesthetic that will confound your senses and rock your soul.

Control the silky-smooth rhythm line and do your best to stay on the track as you race to the finish, tapping the button to the beat of the genuinely filthy soundtrack pumped out by genre superstars, 16bit.

It’s a dubstep race to the finish line that has to be experienced to be believed. 

  • 15 levels of intense musical racing!
  • Rhythmic gameplay!
  • Wii Remote motion controls!
  • Award winning audio!


RELEASE DATES: WiiWare - Dec 13, 2010; iOS - Apr 27, 2009


81/100 - “ of the most refreshing experiences of 2011.” - Official Nintendo Magazine UK 

8.0 - “...simple, abstract glory.” - Destructoid 

7.5 - “...lilt line performs its one trick well.” - IGN

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