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And the winner is...

Dant Rambo

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Say, do you know what a Challenge Draw is? It's a weekly event where we challenge the Runner2 Miiverse community with drawing cool images based on a specific theme or premise. Our latest Challenge Draw -- which we kicked off yesterday morning -- tasked artists with drawing a picture of CommanderVideo on one of his days off. After much internal debate and indecision, we finally managed to pick a winner:

Congratulations, dakudosea!

If you're bummed you didn't win, worry not! As mentioned above, we'll be holding a new Challenge Draw every week -- they'll begin on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM PST, and end 24 hours later. We'll kick off each event by making a post in the Runner2 Miiverse community, and all you have to do to enter is leave your drawing as a comment to that post. There are no prizes (beyond bragging rights and a post on this here blog), but we like to think the fun you'll have while drawing the image is a prize in and of itself. 


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