We’re making a Bubsy game! No, seriously!

Dant Rambo

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Hey everyone! Long time, no blog post--forgive us!

As some of you social media enthusiasts may have already seen, we just announced our next game. And it’s no ordinary game, mind you: It’s Bubsy™: Paws on Fire!, our first-ever foray into the highly competitive world of bobcat-based video games. Wish us luck!

We’re not sure how we managed to keep this secret for so long, to be entirely truthful. We’ve been hard at work on the game for a little under a year now, and not once has the bobcat gotten out of the bobbag. It’s nothing short of a Halloween miracle, as far as we’re concerned. 

You’re probably wondering just what kind of game Paws on Fire! is, not to mention how we got our paws on the Bubsy license in the first place. First question first: It’s an auto-runner at its core, but there’s a lot more to it than that. With four playable characters in total--each with their own unique moveset--there’s a little something for everyone in this game. More on that below. 

As for the second question, it couldn’t have happened if not for our newfound friendship with the folks over at Accolade. They gave us the yarnball and told us to run with it, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We think you’ll be really happy with the results!

Arriving in Q1 2019 on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, Paws on Fire! Is going to be Bubsy’s biggest adventure yet. If you’re at all suspicious of this bold claim, this extensive list of features should put you at ease:

  • Four playable characters, each with their own unique mechanics! Fly and shoot your way through the air as The Woolie, take it underground with Arnold’s bonus levels, or run your way to victory with Bubsy and Virgil Reality!
  • An all-new story featuring the unlikely alliance between Bubsy and his archrivals, The Woolies!
  • Over 100 levels set across three different worlds!
  • Three boss battles!
  • A unique combo system and set of leaderboards for every character!
  • A shop with costumes and cosmetics, all of which players can unlock just by playing the game. There are no in-game purchases!
  • Unique character dialog for every level!
  • A variety of collectible types, ensuring maximum replayability! 
  • The return of Oinker, Terri, Terry, and many other characters from previous Bubsy incarnations! We’ve even included Virgil Reality from the Bubsy pilot--we dug deep!

Bubsy Reacts...

When I told my agent I wanted my next game to be my best yet, he reminded me I was no longer his client and had his number changed. Luckily the suc-... er, developers at Choice Provisions still agreed to partner up with me. It’s amazing what a couple of sharpened claws can get you in this world!

Choice Provisions Reacts…

After some productive meetings and even more productive face scratches we agreed to work with Bubsy on creating an auto-runner worthy of his stature. And when that was done we scrapped it and made a good game instead.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter! And be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you want to stay in the loop!

Oh, and Happy almost Halloween! Do the right thing and give out full-size candy bars this year. 

P.S. - Check back soon for some exciting news about Runner3!