If you can add a few numbers together, then you're about to take an addictive plunge into the world of make13!

Follow your pal Wilson Girdlesprings on a lovely walk while you shift tiles up or down to add or subtract one. Select tiles that add up to 13, and collect shiny coins for each tile you use! If you're really good, you'll use the glowing Bonus Tiles in a strategic way to earn a triple coin bonus...use as many tiles in one shot to make13 as you can for the highest score!

Hurry up, though, because you're on the clock! If the timer reaches the top of the screen, a dusty old gray tile will pop into place. You can use it to make 13, but you can't shift them. If the grid fills up and no more numbers can be added, Wilson's jolly walk in the park comes to an end.

Compete with friends on GameCenter, and enjoy long relaxing play sessions, or quick little bursts when you're got a few free moments.

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